Solar Powered

All of our vans come prepared for your off the grid adventures. Park anywhere and still have full electricity. Not only is this convenient but it is also sustainable. The vans come with enough battery storage to power a fridge, water pump, lights, computer and phones. The battery is also powered by the van so do not worry if you have a week of cloudy weather. The battery charges every time you turn on the van.



Recycled Denim

All the walls and ceiling are insulated with recycled denim. This keeps the van warm or cool while also reusing old jeans. The floor is insulated with rigid foam board which is made in part by recycled materials and has a zero ozone depletion formula.



Rescued Pine Beetle Wood

In general we do our best to use recycled, reused or eco-friendly products.

Many forests in Colorado were infested by pine beetles. These beetles kill a lot of trees. We use the wood from the dead trees on the walls of the vans. This unique wood has blue markings from the beetles creating a one of a kind finish.


Van road.jpg

Fill your life with EXPERIENCES, not things. HaveSTORIES to tell,

not stuff to show.

We are passionate about vanlife and the values it incompasses. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a fulltime vanlifer you are commiting to a life of experinces, connection with nature and simplicity. In addition, vans are far more gas efficent than RVs, buses or even some trucks and SUVS.



We plant 100 trees

for every van sold.

We plant 100 trees for every van conversion we complete through the organization One Tree Planted.